Pursuant to HB 322, which amended TCA, Title 49, Chapter 6, Part 21;

relative to transportation of students, Monroe County Schools has enacted the following procedures for reporting unsafe driving by any MCS Bus Driver:


Incidents may be reported to the Monroe County Schools Transportation Department by phone at 423-442-8846 or in person at the Monroe County Schools Transportation Department Office located at 266 Warren Street, Madisonville, TN 37354, behind Madisonville Primary School.


The following information will need to be provided to help ensure an accurate investigation into the incident being reported:

The time the incident occurred, the location of the incident, the Bus #, the type of bus, (i.e. large or small passenger bus, conventional or snub nose), and a description of the incident, listing as many specific details as possible.


To ensure accurate and prompt investigations, please report incidents immediately or at least on the day of the occurrence.  However, all reports will be investigated, regardless of when they are received.


If you have any questions concerning these procedures, you may contact the Monroe County Schools Transportation Department at 423-442-8846 or Maurice Moser, Transportation Supervisor at 423-519-4317.