In response to the recent issues in the cafeteria at Madisonville Middle School, we contacted the state health inspector on August 16, 2017 to collaborate with us and approve a plan of action. It is important to note that there was NO sewage present during the incident involving the clogged drainage system. On August 17, 2017, we received the health inspection approval for our action plan. Beginning on August 18, 2017, we will have a temporary serving line set up in the Madisonville Middle School dining room, where hot meals will be served. All food preparation will take place at the Madisonville Intermediate School’s kitchen while the Middle School’s kitchen is under construction.
Repairs will begin on the MMS cafeteria as soon possible next week, and we hope to have the project completed in two weeks, if not before. The corrective actions we are taking include removing the sewer line completely from the kitchen drainage system, and re-plumbing five floor drains to re-route into the existing grease tank system. We have been advised that these corrective actions will eliminate any future possibilities of sewage problems in the drainage pipes.
Once construction begins, we hope to have 75% of the work completed in the evenings and at night. This will be done in an effort to perform any work that must be done on the sewer line to after hours when adults and students are not present.