To the families of our students:

There is a lot of understandable concern in the community and across the state as illnesses begins to impact school attendance.  We have discussed concerns of our students’ families as well as our nursing staff, teachers and school administrators.   We want to ensure that we are putting our students’ needs first while understanding the strict accountability guidelines for our schools with regard to student achievement and chronic absenteeism.

If your child is sick, especially if he or she is running a fever, we support your decision for the health of your child to take necessary steps at home.  You, as parents and caregivers, are the final authority over the health of children.  Our hopes are that the flu and flu-like viruses will leave our community quickly!  We will work with parents on the number of allowable excused absences in cases of flu or sickness throughout the month of February as long as notes are submitted in a timely manner.

We will continue to regularly disinfect and sanitize our buildings.  We will also closely monitor daily attendance rates in our schools until flu season has passed.