Policies – Student Handbooks, School Board Policy, Emergency Information

K-8 Student Handbook (pdf)
High School Student Handbook (pdf)
Policies & Plans – Statutory rights, school board policy manual, home school, plans and notices
Emergency Information – Serious emergencies, anonymous tips, pathogen exposure

Assistance – Free & Reduced Meals, Homelessness, Family Resources

Nutrition & Meals – Visit the Nutrition page to apply for Free & Reduced school meals online and details about the breakfast & lunch program
Family Resource Center – Referral & informational services, Children’s Fund, supplies for students in need
Homeless Student Assistance

Coordinated School Health – Enrollment, Release Forms, Schedules

Information and forms  — such as enrollment packets, immunization requirements, release forms, nurse practitioner schedules, parent rights, and more — can all be found on the Coordinated School Health page.

Sports & Athletics – Student Athletes & Parents

Tennessee has passed the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act to increase awareness of sudden cardiac arrest. This law requires that all coaches, athletes, & parents must sign the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Form before competing.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act